Mastercard partners with ID2020 Alliance in a Blockchain alliance

Mastercard, the heavyweight in payment processing, recently announced that it will join the ID2020 Alliance. With the intention of further developing “Digital Identity” solutions.

In addition, it should be noted that ID2020 was founded by Microsoft, Gavi, Rockefeller Foundation and IDEO in 2016. And, since its creation, it has been joined by different NGOs, private companies and different UN agencies.

“We are delighted to welcome Mastercard to the ID2020 Alliance. We applaud their commitment to user-centric digital identity protection,” said Dakota Gruener, president of the ID2020 Alliance.

Visa and Mastercard will be increasing their transaction fees for card payments.

An Identity for Everyone in the Blockchain

For many of us, having an identity card doesn’t seem to be a big deal. However, the reality is that, in some parts of the world, possessing a physical or digital identity document is simply impossible. And this is where ID2020 and Mastercard come in, along with Blockchain technology.

For example, in the African or Southeast Asian regions this problem is common. Furthermore, it is not necessary to travel very far, in our own countries there are an increasing number of people who do not have any identity documents.

“Digital identity can be a powerful force multiplier to improve social and economic opportunities for all people,” Gruener said of Mastercard’s merger.

Therefore, the ID2020 Alliance is focused on using the when etc Bitcoin Evolution, price of bitcoin Bitcoin Circuit, where to buy bitcoin except Immediate Edge, xrp Bitcoin Billionaire uk, Bitcoin Era gold trading hours, ripple The News Spy value, send usd from Bitcoin Profit to gdax, is Bitcoin Revolution safe for silk road, Bitcoin Code xrp fud, Bitcoin Trader app notifications applied in providing every person on the planet with a digital ID by 2030. With Mastercard’s support, ID2020 will be much stronger.

Microsoft is building a decentralized identity network based on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Mastercard partners with ID2020 Alliance in a Blockchain alliance
With the addition of MasterCard to the ID2020 Alliance, the Blockchain alliance is strengthened in its quest to ensure that everyone on the planet is identified. And with it, access to the financial, banking and credit world, both national and international.

Mastercard securing payments with biometrics

Mastercard joins ID2020 Alliance to advance digital identity as a fundamental human right
Mastercard has joined the ID2020 Alliance to further the organizations’ collaborative efforts on user-managed, privacy-protected and portable digital identity solutions. The ID2020 Alliance was lau…

In addition, Mastercard claims that the ID2020 Alliance has a viable digital identity project. Therefore, it will allow everyone to connect and have availability of the opportunities presented by the new digital world.

To conclude, we must emphasize that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused the need for digital solutions for users to show who they are. Digital identity could play an important role in facilitating access to a range of digital, and even health, services.

“We must work together to establish consistency and common standards around the world. For this to become a reality, we must address the challenges people face every day. In addition to generating continuous innovation,” said Ajay Bhalla, president of Cyber & Intelligence.