Projekt tokenizacji aktywów DeFi Money Market zamyka swoje drzwi

DeFi Money Market, jeden z najwcześniejszych projektów mających na celu wprowadzenie rzeczywistych aktywów do łańcucha, nagle ogłosił wczoraj wieczorem, że „zaprzestał działalności”.

„W wyniku dochodzeń regulacyjnych DMM wyłącza się” – czytamy w oświadczeniu na stronie internetowej projektu. „[…] DMM żałuje konieczności podjęcia tego działania i chciałby podziękować społeczności DMM za wsparcie i aktywny udział w tym projekcie”.

Witryna dostarczyła użytkownikom instrukcje, jak wykupić mTokeny przynoszące zyski i poinformowała, że ​​10 lutego zyski z tokenów spadną do 0%.

„Jesteśmy pewni, że masz pytania, ale niestety nie jesteśmy obecnie w stanie odpowiedzieć na nie” – dodaje oświadczenie.

Projekt potwierdził również zamknięcie w dwóch tweetach:

Wraz z RealT i innymi projektami tokenizacji nieruchomości, DMM był jednym z pierwszych, którzy podjęli próbę wprowadzenia rzeczywistych zasobów do krajobrazu DeFi. Oferowali ponad 6% oprocentowanie swoich tokenów zabezpieczone pożyczkami samochodowymi w świecie rzeczywistym. Projekt został uruchomiony przy wsparciu zbudowanej na zamówienie wyroczni Chainlink i przy wsparciu inwestora-miliardera Tima Drapera.

Niektórzy spekulowali, że kontrola regulacyjna, do której zespół odwołuje się w swoim ogłoszeniu, może być powiązana z nieudanym uruchomieniem tokena

Wkrótce po sprzedaży tokenów pojawiły się raporty, że dokumenty przesłane przez firmę, aby udowodnić, że zabezpieczenie pożyczki nieumyślnie ujawniły tożsamość posiadaczy pożyczki.

Ogłoszenie to doprowadziło do gwałtownego spadku tokenu zarządzania DMG firmy DeFi Money Market. DMG kosztuje obecnie 0,093 centa po spadku z najwyższego poziomu 0,53 dolara zeszłej nocy.

Może być jednak nadzieja dla posiadaczy. W oświadczeniu DMM, projekt stwierdził, że „tworzony jest dodatkowy fundusz dostępnych aktywów w celu ułatwienia wykupu tokenów DMG”, a więcej informacji na temat tego funduszu brzmi „wkrótce”.

Bitcoin sees massive recovery overnight – but the bulls are not in control yet

It’s been a wild 24 hours for Bitcoin as the benchmark cryptocurrency saw one of the most intense sell-offs in recent times yesterday.

After a slow grind down that had taken place over the past few days, BTC finally saw a capitulating sell-off that dropped its price to lows of nearly $ 28,000.

At this point, many investors were clearly in a panic sell as funding from short positions skyrocketed and liquidation from long positions began to pile up.

However, this marked the bottom as BTC has since seen a massive rebound from those lows

One analyst notes that there is still a critical level that needs to be clearly surpassed before BTC can see any continuation of its uptrend.

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market have been caught in the clutches of wild volatility for the past few days .

Fortunately for the bulls, BTC’s overnight rebound appears to be the “V-shaped” rebound that many analysts have said is necessary for the cryptocurrency to form a long-term bottom.

Assuming this rally extends further, it could confirm a macro reversal and lead to another significant uptrend. However, there is one level that must first be firmly flipped over for support.

Bitcoin is showing signs of strength after the nightly recovery

Yesterday’s massive sell-off was quite violent and at the time it seemed to mark a macro reversal in Bitcoin’s bullish trend.

Since then, however, Bitcoin has bounced back and is currently trading at a 5% gain to its current price of $ 32,900 – a remarkable rise from lows of nearly $ 28,000.

Where the market travels over the medium term is likely to depend largely on whether the bulls can maintain this momentum and continue to print a textbook “V-shaped” recovery pattern.

That’s why BTC is not over the top yet

Bitcoin still has a key level that needs to be broken before it is completely out of the woods.

An analyst tweeted about this, stating that the first “point of control” he was closely monitoring was $ 34,900.

“POC at 34900 is the first area of ​​interest right now.”

The coming days should offer insights into the longevity and importance of the rebound overnight – and whether or not another downward trend follows.

Climbed to over 1,428 US dollars: Ether price exceeds its all-time high from 2018

After three years, Ether has surpassed its all-time high.

Ether (ETH), the largest altcoin by market capitalisation, hit a new all-time high today, 19 January.

ETH/USD 1-hour candlestick chart (Bitstamp). Source: Tradingview
At the same time, open interest in bitcoin futures also hit a new record high of over $4.5 billion, according to Glassnode.

Ether price back at all-time high after 3 years
Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView shows that the ETH/USD pair overtook its existing record on Tuesday, climbing above US$1,428 on Bitstamp.

This set a record that had stood since 13 January 2018. Ether climbed 15 per cent today and has seen growth of almost 100 per cent since the start of the year.

The altcoin benefited from interest in the DeFi space built around the Ethereum network. In addition, altcoins in general revived somewhat since the beginning of January.

“#Ethereum US$1,400 If this keeps going Fibonacci, we could hit US$1,600,” Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michaël van de Poppe summarised on Twitter on Tuesday.

Van de Poppe had previously predicted that Fibonacci levels could push the ETH/USD pair up to US$2,600 in the short term.

“Ethereum’s daily transaction volume is rising Bitcoin Profit parabolically,” added Ryan Watkins, a researcher at Messari.

“It now handles US$12 billion in transactions daily. That’s US$3 billion more than bitcoin. How could you not be bullish on $ETH.”
The Concorde of the crypto world?
As Cointelegraph reported, the Ethereum network now handles around 28 per cent more transactions per day than Bitcoin (BTC). But due to heavier usage, fees are also rising at an exorbitant rate.

In an analysis this week, well-known investment strategist Lyn Alden compared Ethereum as a concept to Concorde. She argued that, much like the supersonic aircraft, it has yet to reach the mainstream.

“Perhaps Ethereum will morph until the network finds a sustainable place for itself,” she wrote.

“On the other hand, Ethereum may end up finding its own complexity and lack of economic use altogether a burden, just like Concorde.”

Cardano joins forces with Wolfram Alpha to create oracles

Cardano (ADA) has partnered with the computer intelligence tool Wolfram Alpha. The partnership will be used in particular to create oracles.

New partnership between Cardano and Wolfram Alpha

The news was announced yesterday by IOHK, the company that manages Cardano (ADA). In particular, Wolfram Blockchain Labs, a dedicated blockchain branch of Wolfram Alpha, will be adding Cardano. Wolfram Alpha’s computer intelligence tool will allow to query Cardano’s blockchain directly with the language tools offered by the service.

In concrete terms, this means that developers will be able to integrate external data into the Cardano blockchain. The idea is to create “avant-garde” oracles according to IOHK. This extends the use cases of Cardano’s smart contracts, and their scope.

The language aspect should not be underestimated either, according to IOHK, which explains :

“This makes Cardano’s information available to virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. Once it’s integrated, users will be able to query the system for information or troubleshoot computer problems as simply as if they were talking to a virtual assistant.”

Cardano joins the closed club of the cryptosystems integrated in Wolfram Alpha.

For the moment, only Bitcoin Sunrise Scam (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ark (ARK) and Bloxberg had been integrated into Wolfram Alpha, so the new gives Cardano a new legitimacy. The integration is not yet functional, but it will be offered to the public in 2021.

In recent weeks, Cardano seems to want to make it easier for developers of smart contracts. Earlier this month, we learned that smart contracts will be compatible with all programming languages. This could enable Cardano to stand out from its immediate competitors.

El atacante de la plataforma DeFi ‘Sushiswap’ frustrado por los rápidos movimientos del equipo de Dev

El atacante se llevó entre 10.000 y 15.000 dólares, que serán restituidos por el Tesoro de Sushiswap.

A pesar de algunos problemas serios de relaciones públicas a principios de este año, el fabricante de mercado automatizado Sushiswap parece estar haciendo un regreso después de que la plataforma se las arregló para evitar un intento de explotación el sábado.

CoinTelegraph informó que el jefe de desarrollo anónimo de Sushiswap, que se hace llamar @0xMaki en Twitter, parece haber tomado medidas para mitigar el supuesto intento de explotación.

Otro usuario anónimo de Twitter, @Juan_Snow1, escribió que 0xMaki parece haber estado en comunicación directa con el hacker que intentaba explotar la plataforma, ofreciéndoles una recompensa por el exploit.

“Te veo, estamos trabajando para arreglarlo. Contacte conmigo en Discordia para una recompensa por el fallo – 0xMaki,” leyó un mensaje con el que 0xMaki firmó una transacción con el hacker.

Aunque no está claro si el atacante aceptó o no la recompensa, el canal de Sushiswap Discordia ahora informa que el exploit fue resuelto, y que los 10.000 o 15.000 dólares en fondos del usuario que se perdieron durante el exploit serán restaurados a los usuarios afectados por el Tesoro de Sushiswap.

¿Qué ha ocurrido?

@Andy8052, un desarrollador de Sushiswap que fue nombrado por 0xMaki en el informe post-mortem del ataque, dijo a CoinTelegraph que el atacante logró realizar la explotación envolviendo fichas de liquidez del pool y desplegándolas en un nuevo pool.

Esencialmente, el atacante usó “una lógica muy extraña para sacar las fichas subyacentes del contrato de recompensa”, dijo Andy.

Sin embargo, los contratos afectados fueron parcheados en cuestión de horas. 0xMaki también dijo que la firma auditora Peckshield revisará los cambios.

@Andy8052 dijo a CoinTelegraph que a pesar de los problemas de Sushiswap a principios de año, tiene una gran fe en el nuevo equipo de Sushiswap.

“Han estado trabajando muy duro”, dijo. “Miren todas las cosas geniales que han lanzado y en las que están trabajando. Definitivamente no me perjudica mi visión de ellos, pero tampoco cambió mucho para mí personalmente, ya que ya tenía una buena opinión del equipo”.

Bitcoin and Gold wobble over COVID-19 vaccine

Today a new victory was announced on the road to a vaccine against COVID-19, Bitcoin and gold did not react very well.

Today the world celebrates that Pfizer Labs obtained successful tests of a vaccine against COVID-19, the stock market shot up as a result but Bitcoin and Gold don’t seem to celebrate it.

  • Bitcoin Maturity Allows Rapid Recovery
  • Bitcoin reacts negatively to the vaccine

After the news, while the stock market was soaring, gold sank along with Financial Peak losing more than USD 1,000 in a matter of hours after the announcement of the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, in the midst of the fall, it seems that Bitcoin let go of the gold and managed to recover most, if not all, of what fell. Currently, Bitcoin is trading 0.09 percent higher than 24 hours ago, according to CoinMarketCap.

Meanwhile, gold can’t say the same; during the last 24 hours, the precious metal has lost 4.41% of its value. Leading crypto reinforcing its role as a store of value? Perhaps.

A funny thing is that, initially, Bitcoin’s price shot up 2% with the news, but the profits quickly disappeared. Consequently, it seems that Bitcoin didn’t like the fuss about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Bitcoin Could Reach $100,000 by December 2021

Will Bitcoin reach USD 100K in a year? Maybe, but a 30% crypto correction is also on the table

Yesterday, PlanB, created from the S2F model, reiterated that the leading crypto is following a path that leads it directly to reaching at least USD 100,000 by December 2021.

This would imply a minimum increase of 545% under the current price to reach the goal set by PlanB.

However, projecting what will happen in 2021 with crypto is quite difficult, especially after everything that has happened in 2020. Therefore, it is also worth looking at the short term.

According to Michael Van De Poppe, an analyst at CoinTelegraph, a 30% correction is on the table.

Poppe explains that USD 16,000 is the final barrier facing the leading crypto before a potential race to a new all-time high. However, a reversal has also become very likely.

1 Million Bitcoin Wallets Now Have Over $10,000

Stanley Druckenmiller prefers leading crypto to gold

Without a doubt the topic of conversation in the crypto community today was the praise that the crypto leader received from Stanley Druckenmiller.

For those who don’t know him, he is a recognized investor and hedge fund manager in the United States.

Basically Druckenmiller gave a vote of confidence for crypto leader. “I have many more times gold than Bitcoin, but frankly, if the gold bet works, Bitcoin’s bet will probably work much better,” he said during an interview on CNBC.

Bitcoin showed its power against DeFi and altcoins

Bloomberg trusts that Bitcoin will soon reach a new crypto maximum

Mike McGlone, senior strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, has said on Twitter that Bitcoin is on track to reach $20,000 by 2021.

According to McGlone, the leading crypto “may experience a parabolic 2021, as it did in 2013 and 2017, if previous patterns are repeated.

Crypto week: Voting and clear winners, is Bitcoin one of them?

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

On November 15, 2020, the crypto community expects to receive a network update from Bitcoin Cash, which, in fact, could divide crypto again.

The proposed upgrade introduces a novel mining algorithm and, in fact, seems to be widely accepted. However, the Bitcoin ABC team introduced a proposal that surprised the entire crypto community.

Thus, the Bitcoin ABC proposal has been quite controversial and could lead to a new division of the network. This is mainly because the crypto community expects that the majority of the miners will support the BCHN version, and therefore the ABC version will become a minority channel.

XRP-Wal bewegt 90 Millionen XRP, während BTC- und ETH-Wale den Markt schwärmen

Auf dem Markt für Kryptowährungen hat gerade ein XRP-Wal eine riesige Summe von XRP-Token gegen eine minimale Gebühr bewegt.

Das Unternehmen wurde erstmals vom Krypto-Twitter-Bot Whale Alert gemeldet und hat XRP-Token im Wert von fast 23 Millionen US-Dollar verschoben. Der Benutzer zahlte nur eine Transaktionsgebühr von etwas mehr als fünf Dollar für die große The News Spy Transaktion.

XRP-Wal in Bewegung

Ein anonymer XRP-Wal hat 89.999.980 XRP-Token von seiner Brieftaschenadresse in den Kryptowährungsaustausch Coinbase verschoben. Die Transaktion im Wert von fast 23 Millionen US-Dollar kostete den Benutzer nur eine winzige Summe von 5,04 US-Dollar als Transaktionsgebühr.

Während der Twitter-Bot die Transaktion als Umzug von einer unbekannten Brieftasche zu einer Coinbase-Adresse meldete, zeigt die Website des Bots, dass der Umzug zwischen zwei Brieftaschen erfolgte, die demselben Kryptowährungsaustausch gehören.

Whale Alert filtert Kühllagertransaktionen von Börsen heraus, was bedeutet, dass der XRP-Wal wahrscheinlich ein Investor ist, der Vermögenswerte bewegt, um sie auf dem freien Markt zu handeln oder sie woanders zu lagern. Wenn die frühere Aussage der Grund für den Umzug ist, könnten wir einen kurzfristigen rückläufigen Effekt auf den Preis von XRP sehen.

BTC- und ETH-Wale schwärmen ebenfalls von den Märkten

Bitcoin- und Ethereum-Wale schwärmen seit einigen Tagen von den Märkten. Am letzten Tag fand eine Vielzahl umfangreicher Bitcoin-Transaktionen statt, wobei die größte BTC- Transaktion zwischen zwei anonymen Geldbörsen im Wert von mehr als 220 Millionen US-Dollar bewegte.

Die meisten Waltransaktionen fanden entweder zwischen zwei anonymen Benutzern oder zwischen Investoren statt, die Vermögenswerte aus Kryptowährungsbörsen entfernen. Dies ist ein zinsbullisches Signal, da Personen, die Vermögenswerte verkaufen möchten, diese in der Regel an der Börse aufbewahren.

Ethereum-Wale zeigten dagegen eine Bewegung in Richtung Austausch oder DeFi-Protokolle. Dazu gehört die größte ETH-Transaktion , die gestern stattgefunden hat und die ETH im Wert von über 21 Millionen US-Dollar an Uniswap übertragen hat.

Inzwischen ist die Ethereum Foundation noch weit davon entfernt, ihr Ziel, 524.288 ETH-Anteile zu haben, zu erreichen. Der Vertrag hat 50.849 ETH erhalten, fast zwei Wochen bis zum Stichtag.

Bitcoin-palkkiot nousevat taivaalle, jotkut tapahtumat vievät päiviä, helpotus mahdollista ensi viikolla

Bitcoin (BTC) on kokenut melko joukon toisiinsa liittyviä ongelmia, kun hashrate on laskenut, ruuhkaisen verkon maksut ovat nousseet, ja käyttäjät väittävät odottavansa päiviä tapahtumiensa vahvistamiseksi – joista osa saattaa olla kaivostyöläiset voivat pudottaa ne.

Jotkut helpotukset saattavat kuitenkin tulla ensi viikolla

Ja tämä tapahtuu aikana, jolloin BTC nousi 27% kuukaudessa, melkein lyöen 14000 dollaria ennen kuin se korjasi jälleen alemman tason (13 530 USD tänään 16:17 UTC). Samaan aikaan selvästi ruuhkaisen verkon myötä transaktiomaksu nousee.

Keskimääräinen Bitcoin-transaktiomaksu 28. lokakuuta oli 11,67 USD / Se nousi erityisen voimakkaasti 19. lokakuuta alkaen ja nousi sen jälkeen valtavaan 505,5 prosenttiin. Seitsemän päivän liukuva keskiarvo osoittaa lähes 210 prosentin nousun näiden kahden päivämäärän välillä 6,75 dollariin.

Vastaavasti mediaanitransaktiopalkkio 28. lokakuuta oli 6,88 dollaria, mikä on valtava nousu 17. lokakuuta laskusta, kun lähes 0,6 dollaria kirjattiin. Seitsemän päivän yksinkertainen liukuva keskiarvo osoittaa 223 prosentin nousun kymmenessä päivässä 3,8 dollariin, joka kirjattiin 28. lokakuuta.

Mediaanimaksumaksu, USD, 7 päivän yksinkertainen liukuva keskiarvo

“Palkkioiden pitäisi laskea, kun vaikeudet sopeutuvat ensi viikon alussa, koska lohkoja louhitaan useammin”, sanoi Bitcoin-kehittäjä Matt Odell, vaikka “emme tiedä kuinka paljon maksuja laskee, jos maksutapahtumat selvittyvät kokonaan ja kuinka kauan se kestää jos he tekevät. ” Per kaivos- allas , vaikeus odotetaan laskevan lähes 10% enemmän kuin neljä päivää, kuten BTC lohko aika ylittänyt 14 minuuttia, kun maalin keskimääräinen lohkon aika on 10 minuuttia.

Ihmiset ovat kommentoineet sosiaalisen median sivustoissa, että heidän tapahtumiaan ei ole vahvistettu tuntikausia tai päiviä. Toiset huomauttivat kuitenkin, että korkeammilla maksuilla toteutetut liiketoimet vahvistetaan nopeammin, koska ne ovat kannattavampia kaivostyöläisille.

Jameson Lopp, salausturva- asiantuntijan Casa johtaja , kommentoi , että hashraten tai Bitcoin-verkon laskentatehon viimeaikainen lasku johti tiettyjen Bitcoin-solmujen saavuttamaan täyden kapasiteettinsa, joten ne käyttäjät, jotka ovat lähettäneet alhaisimpia palkkiotapahtumia, saattavat ei näe heidän välittyvän.

Hashrate laski lähes 38% sen korkeimmasta pisteestä 157,65 EH / s, jonka se saavutti 17. lokakuuta, 97,95 EH / s: iin kymmenen päivää myöhemmin. Se nousi kuitenkin 7% viimeisten 24 tunnin aikana. Lopp totesi aiemmin, että pudotus johtuu oletettavasti kiinalaisten kaivostyöläisten siirtämistä laitteista kuivakaudeksi.

Bitcoin Cash Analysis: Eyeing Key Upside Break sopra i $240

  • Il prezzo in contanti della Bitcoin sta guadagnando terreno rispetto al dollaro USA, superando i livelli di resistenza di 225 e 230 dollari.
  • Il prezzo è ora scambiato al di sopra della resistenza di $232 e della media mobile semplice di 55 (4 ore).
  • C’è stata una rottura sopra una linea di tendenza ribassista chiave con una resistenza a 230$ sul grafico a 4 ore della coppia BCH/USD (data feed da Coinbase).
  • È probabile che la coppia acceleri di più se supera i livelli di resistenza a $238 e $240 a breve termine.

Il prezzo in contanti di Bitcoin Revolution sta mostrando segni positivi sopra i 230$ contro il dollaro USA. Il BCH/USD continuerà probabilmente a salire se non scende al di sotto dei $225 e $220.

Analisi del prezzo in contanti di Bitcoin

Questa settimana, il prezzo del bitcoin cash ha formato una forte base di supporto al di sopra del livello di 215 dollari rispetto al dollaro USA. Il prezzo del BCH ha iniziato un nuovo aumento al di sopra della resistenza di 220 dollari e ha guadagnato un ritmo superiore alla media mobile semplice di 55 (4 ore).

Il prezzo si è rialzato al di sopra della resistenza di 230 dollari per entrare in una zona positiva. C’è stata anche una rottura sopra una linea di tendenza ribassista chiave con una resistenza a 230$ sul grafico a 4 ore della coppia BCH/USD.

Il prezzo in contanti Bitcoin ha raggiunto i 238 dollari e sta attualmente consolidando i guadagni. Un supporto iniziale è vicino al livello di $232. E’ anche vicino al livello di ritracciamento della fibra al 23,6% del recente movimento al rialzo dal minimo di $215 al massimo di $238.

Il primo supporto importante è vicino alla linea di tendenza interrotta e a 227 dollari. Il livello di ritracciamento del 50% della fibra del recente movimento verso l’alto dal basso a $215 fino a $238 è anch’esso vicino al livello di $227. Il supporto principale è ora vicino al livello di $225, al di sotto del quale il prezzo potrebbe ritestare il supporto di $215.

Al rialzo, una resistenza iniziale è vicina al livello di $238, al di sopra del quale il prezzo potrebbe salire oltre i $240. Nel caso in questione, è probabile che il prezzo salga costantemente verso il livello di $250. La successiva resistenza maggiore è vicina al livello di $265.

Guardando il grafico, il prezzo in contanti del bitcoin sta guadagnando terreno rispetto ai livelli di resistenza di 225 e 230 dollari. È probabile che il prezzo acceleri di più se supera i livelli di resistenza di $238 e $240 a breve termine.

Indicatori tecnici

4 ore MACD – Il MACD per BCH/USD sta lentamente perdendo slancio nella zona rialzista.

4 ore RSI (Relative Strength Index) – L’RSI per BCH/USD è ora ben al di sopra del livello 60.

Livelli di supporto chiave – $232 e $225.

Livelli di resistenza chiave – $238 e $240.

Bitcoin : La Chine tire à l’aveuglette mais elle atteint son objectif

Avec le début du mois d’octobre marqué par une forte poussée baissière, les pièces de monnaie sont passées de 10 940 $ à 10 380 $ en 12 heures.

Bien que la reprise ait été louable au moment de la mise sous presse, un éminent analyste de la chaîne a suggéré qu’il y avait plus que ce qui est visible dans l’espace Bitcoin.

Dans un fil de tweet publié par Cole Garner, l’analyste a indiqué que les adresses Crypto Bank ont connu un pic important dans le graphique la semaine dernière. Avec des volumes précédant le prix pendant la période, il a déclaré que le chiffre habituel de 5-10k adresses BTC/jour, a atteint un nouveau sommet à 22k adresses la semaine dernière, imaginant un nouveau sommet au cours des 2 dernières années.

Bien que toute augmentation inquiétante en termes d’adresses BTC, il a été spéculé qu’elle pourrait être due à l’intervention opportune de la Chine.

La Chine qualifie la cryptographie d’actif le plus performant en 2020

Un rapport qui semble avoir manqué l’attention de tous, la télévision centrale chinoise (CCTV) a publié un clip de 3 minutes vers la fin du mois de septembre, qui a souligné que les actifs numériques ont augmenté de 70% en 2020.

Dovey Wan, un éminent défenseur de la crypto, et partenaire fondateur de Primitive crypto, a également déclaré que les médias chinois avaient fait un effort collectif pour promouvoir le développement de la crypto en 2020. Elle est allée jusqu’à affirmer qu’il s’agissait d’un “rare effort coordonné”.

Alors, qu’est-ce que tout cela signifie ?

Prendre un coup dans le noir, tout cela a du sens d’un point de vue économique, que la montée en puissance de Bitcoin aidera également la Chine. Prenez la domination de la Chine dans l’extraction de bitcoin. Avec l’augmentation de la valeur du bitcoin, la CTB est indirectement la poule aux oeufs d’or de la Chine ou, pour employer un terme fin, un trésor national.

Mais la Chine n’est-elle pas censée être un État anti-Bitcoin ?

Sur le papier, oui. Considérant que le pays met tous ses œufs dans le panier avec son DCEP, l’objectif de la Chine est de promouvoir sa monnaie numérique dans une perspective à long terme.

Mais ils prennent les coups de l’épaule de Bitcoin.

Il n’est pas exagéré de dire que l’énorme pression de vente de Bitcoin au cours de la semaine dernière pourrait avoir été absorbée par le commerce de détail chinois et que Bitcoin survit donc à une baisse massive.

Quelle est la place du DCEP dans ce contexte ?

Il s’inscrit dans une perspective à long terme. Si la valeur de Bitcoin augmente dans les prochains mois, et que la Chine peut collectivement promouvoir que le DCEP est une meilleure forme d’actif numérique que le Bitcoin déjà en hausse, cela crée une situation où le DCEP pourrait être considéré comme le meilleur parmi les meilleurs. Ainsi, pour la Chine, une course de bitcoin joue le jeu de l’internationalisation de sa monnaie numérique.

Bien que beaucoup de choses doivent se passer avant que toutes les pièces ne se mettent en place, le plan pourrait déjà être en marche pour la Chine et pour Bitcoin.