Cardano joins forces with Wolfram Alpha to create oracles

Cardano (ADA) has partnered with the computer intelligence tool Wolfram Alpha. The partnership will be used in particular to create oracles.

New partnership between Cardano and Wolfram Alpha

The news was announced yesterday by IOHK, the company that manages Cardano (ADA). In particular, Wolfram Blockchain Labs, a dedicated blockchain branch of Wolfram Alpha, will be adding Cardano. Wolfram Alpha’s computer intelligence tool will allow to query Cardano’s blockchain directly with the language tools offered by the service.

In concrete terms, this means that developers will be able to integrate external data into the Cardano blockchain. The idea is to create „avant-garde“ oracles according to IOHK. This extends the use cases of Cardano’s smart contracts, and their scope.

The language aspect should not be underestimated either, according to IOHK, which explains :

„This makes Cardano’s information available to virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. Once it’s integrated, users will be able to query the system for information or troubleshoot computer problems as simply as if they were talking to a virtual assistant.“

Cardano joins the closed club of the cryptosystems integrated in Wolfram Alpha.

For the moment, only Bitcoin Sunrise Scam (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ark (ARK) and Bloxberg had been integrated into Wolfram Alpha, so the new gives Cardano a new legitimacy. The integration is not yet functional, but it will be offered to the public in 2021.

In recent weeks, Cardano seems to want to make it easier for developers of smart contracts. Earlier this month, we learned that smart contracts will be compatible with all programming languages. This could enable Cardano to stand out from its immediate competitors.